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    Attached is the sauce. Thank me later
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    Think of it like British Rail -- always late That being said - there are other projects that are being released; you need only look around.
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    I can definitely understand your feelings on this, but I do have valid reason as to why I cannot currently provide the source
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    All I'm saying is that you don't need to know the source if the person is trustworthy. I'm sure that everyone here knows MTG is trustworthy. If you don't want to believe it, don't. But I will because of who it is coming from.
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    Journalists don't have to reveal their sources, so neither does MTG. I believe him though. Can't wait to see what is cooked up.
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    Source, though I cannot currently provide it
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    do people still need mods and is V2 still alive for the use of mods ?
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    i get quite a lot of Inbox messages asking where is a mod ive made so heres a list + links to mods ive created for CE/MWG. SORRY GUYS AND GALS THESE LINKS DONT WORK YET WILL UPDATE AND CHANGE THIS MESSAGE WHEN COMPLETED 1 = Maintenance Mode Mod 2 = Education Mod with Clicks + Extras 3 = Move Images from one folder to another 4 = Game Owner Replenish Options 5 = Meta Tag Generator 6 = Christmas Advent Calendar 7 = Google Image Finder Ingame 8 = User Planner 9 = NPC Ingame Editor 10 = Hacking Attempts Logged 11 = Track Users IP 12 = Mobile Text Messaging [same as Mailbox] But Using Mobile Numbers 13 = Set Sell Price to House After its been Purchased 14 = File Creator + Ingame File Editor 15 = Abduct someone from Hospital 16 = Compare Items and Houses 17 = Send users Secret Messages 18 = Advanced Theme Creator 19 = Customise How Your Game Operates 20 = Updated Media Script add any Media to your site. 21 = Freeze + Reactivate a Users Bank Account 22 = Mailbox Quota = Set amount of emails sent per day 23 = Userlist and other Lists decend NEW 24 = Accept or Freeze Multi User Accounts 25 = Add Attack Timer to Attacks   Im still Sifting through search pages so there will probably be more than there is here NOTE: These ADDITIONS are Free to use and Upgrade for your own use and MUST NOT be sold in any way either single or packaged. You have the right to Modify any of these ADDITIONS for your MCCODES game without prior notice to myself as long as any Copyright heading that ive placed on a ADDITION stays intact. JOINT WORK FOOTNOTE: Any ADDITIONS that have been deemed as a Joint effort between myself and other Writers. The right to Modify maybe flawed Until you have Consent from all joint parties that you intend to Alter/Add/Amend and source therein..
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    Heh, maybe Sniko will get your arses in gear! :D
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