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    It might save you some money if you already use an existing engine such as GRPG, the RC engine features are really simple and with the creators active on this forum i'm sure you can hire one of them to create the features for you. (If you want the design, I could definitely create you a layout related to the style, check my game thread) MCCODE is still out as well and I know for sure the features use for the RC engine are already out just gotta look for them. RC Engine, why not just use that engine and hire a developer to switch it to PHP 7 and PDO? I have a team that's capable of doing that part but as far as creating features its a no go. (You probably have to sign up to ruthless city and contact user ID 1 to see what's going on with the selling rights and stuff tho)
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    Just curious about this. I stumbled upon it a while back and was wondering if anyone else has taken a gander at it? For those that don’t know AdonisJs is a node version of Laravel. I have tinkered around with it here and there and from what I can tell it has most of the things that Laravel has. It uses Edge for templating (basically Blade), Lucid ORM (Eloquent), routes, middleware, Service Providers, etc.
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    I have created a sales and support discord for everyone who is interested https://discord.gg/pXJgFGP This discord will give help to everyone who has or wants the engine. You can also use this server to ask other for help and mods
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