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    So far we have seen the ups and downs of the MWG community. Although McCodes in my opinion was MWG's most talked about topic I feel like we have to accept it's faith, look MCC is dead... In my eyes without it we see a community slowly dying. The lack of support back then has truly affected this forum and I'd hate to see it die but if nothing is done about it the forum will most likely die. I'd like to praise [uSER=53642]dave[/uSER] for taking over the forum and giving us a nice revamp he should really be applauded. Id also like to thank some of MWG's hardworking members who give their time to provide help and work for others. [uSER=68711]KyleMassacre[/uSER] [uSER=64603]Sim[/uSER] [uSER=65530]Coly010[/uSER] [uSER=52003]Dave Macaulay[/uSER] [uSER=65100]W3Theory || Peter[/uSER] [uSER=69001]Zettieee[/uSER] [uSER=50378]Guest[/uSER] [uSER=65371]sniko[/uSER] [uSER=64687]Dominion[/uSER] [uSER=64684]Dayo[/uSER] and many more. Recent improvements New ownership New design Suggestions I'd suggest removing inactive engines with no support Allowing members to introduce new engines this would create things to talk about and would also attract new users New categories mainly in languages, now you might say ooh there's already categories for languages but a lot of the topics posted are either outdated or inactive. It would be nice to see new languages being taught and introduced into the forum. It would move the forum in the right direction so maybe bringing in members who can kickstart this would be great. Atleast there would be something to discuss rather than "MCCODES" all the time this would also bring in more experienced members as well. New chat system, I think IRC is messy and it would be nice to see something like slack implemented on MWG. It would also be easier to provide help and receive help instantly Moving away from the McCodes concept, I've nothing "really" against MCC except for the lack of support but it does provide a stepping stone but other than that it's deemed useless. Everytime I think of MWG I think of MCC and I'm sure others do too, in reality this is a forum and not a game so let's move away from that thought... again this goes back to point 3 so new discussions are definitely needed. This is my discussion I can already see arguments or disagreements with what i've posted so feel free to comment i'd like to see your thoughts below
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    I would advice against updating your database every minute. Instead you should as Coly suggested have a timestamp in your database that you can later use to calculate on how much points the user should be given when it's actually requested (needed). If the player would want to do something that costs AP, first calculate on how much points they have gained since last it was updated, update the points and finally do the requested task. It will save you a lot of redundant database queries. This is how larger games such as Travian handles it. They pass the formula (x resources per second and how many resources you currently have) and then just updates it in the client, and when you make a request they do the server side processing updating your resources since last time it was updated and then your requested task if appliable, this is why sometimes when you update the web browser you can have more resources than what it actually says, but overall it is pretty much accurate.
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    Create a new column in the users table called last_AP . Give it an int(11) data type. My SQL is rusty, if this is wrong someone correct it ALTER TABLE users ADD last_AP int(11);   Next, at the bottom of your globals file add this:   $AP_Interval = 60; if(time() - $ir['last_AP'] >= $AP_Interval){ $db->query("UPDATE users SET ap=ap+1, last_AP=".time()." WHERE userid=".$userid); }   This is the logic behind adding the code. It will keep it in tune across multiple pages as an Ajax timeout set at 60 seconds will only work for however long the player stays on the one page. You can use this in your footer then $timeLeft = 60 - (time() - $ir['last_AP']); $timeLeft = $timeLeft > 0 ? $timeLeft : 0; ?>   MWG keeps messing up the last part of my code /: Basically you'll use $timeLeft to set a setInterval(); to send a request to your PHP file. The backend prevents user from updating AP as frequently as they like, the setTimeout will let it happen without waiting for user to refresh page
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