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    @cruzer: First off good luck on your search but I believe I have told you before that it may be a little difficult without a budget or a promise of monetary gains. I understand you maybe looking for someone to code the game for you and in return a 100% partnership but chances are you probably won't find one especially with the lack of details you provide. For example: What are you bringing to the game Why should someone partner with you (semi relates to #1)? What are some details of the game You will probably need to open it up more and let people know what's going on. @veramis: No need to be such a prick about it. I would like to see you go to another forum to a language you don't naturally speak and post in there and sound 100% literate. Chances are you won't. As long as people know what he is posting about its all good in da hood so just relax especially when talking about professionalism because to be honest you don't sound that professional mocking/making fun of people if you do decide to work with people.
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    Most browsers these days give a spelling option. Meaning that if you misspell a word it will tell you. Someone that is looking for a partner on a game should be more professional and use proper grammar. No matter that he's from India or not. Spelling and grammar errors like his do not look professional and do indeed look like he's being purposefully illiterate.
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