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    Well this is a blast from the past, i first joined CE just over 10 years ago in 2009, I joined with the sole purpose to learn PHP. Looking back using McCodes as a start was probably a bad idea lol, but it was a start. I'm now a full time developer @ HeatingSave, We make Heating and Energy Management solutions along with access control systems. I work from my home in Guildford (England). I have also recently restored an old project that i started 5 years ago back when MWG was (semi) active. Ive been working on Gangster Legends v2 for the past 5-6 months adding more and more to the base scripts. Im also helping to develop several games using GL v2 as a base.
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    Been a member here for longer then I can remember. I also am one off three owners of GRPG
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    Ummmmm...... Bout time this site is back up but I am MNG, I am a designer and server manager/owner. My dev skills are about an 4 so dont be shock to see me post alot of questions or shoot a pm in ya inbox.
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    If you want something simple i can help out. Here is a few examples of a recent project http://prntscr.com/mrj7ko http://prntscr.com/mrj87f https://legendofmafia.com
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    Yikes. I did mine at mobsterstory.com and I can tell you that it will cost whole lot more than $600 IMO. Took over 50 hours for me to convert everything to a new UI. That's with a lot of experience with the UI.
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    What would you know, you only live there? 😂
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    As far as I know Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. And The Netherlands has more cities than just Amsterdam. 😛
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    Amsterdam or Copenhagen? They're the only 2 cities in The Netherlands, right? 😛
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    Thank the lord haha!
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    I know. I got a massive learning curve from MWG. Hell, I was around back when it was Criminal Existence
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