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    How about.. SELECT COUNT(avail.cID) AS total, make.cmMAKE FROM cars_available AS avail INNER JOIN car_models AS model ON avail.cMODEL = model.cmoID INNER JOIN car_makes AS make ON avail.cMAKE = make.cmID GROUP BY avail.cMAKE ORDER BY total DESC, make.cmMAKE ASC
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    Got it up and running thank you so much for the help I couldn't have figured it out with out your help
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    This is probably 1 of my favorite prison themes I created since I returned, will probably start playing once I return off vacation.
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    Also don't forget to mention that it is responsive 😝
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    It's so weird how fiverr had changed. It's actually hard to find a gig for a fiver now. Seeing some start at £600+ it's cheaper to find a freelancer elsewhere.
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    Save yourself the trouble and start using active record or an ORM. Doctrine and Eloquent are both good options 🙂
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    Of course it does, ya dope! 😛
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    I have a little knowledge with unity as well, you can shoot me a PM.
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    I thought it was you fixing the wisecrime.com website ?
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