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    Seeing this isn't said quiet enough, I want to begin by thanking all of those who have helped me with my game. You coders are fantastic, and very generous. Our day to give "Thanks" is on Thursday in the month of November its always falls under the fourth Thursday. So my "Thanks" Is to you guys for helping me get my game running... I trust many of you in which you haven't shown me an ounce of distrust and that is what i want to say thank you... and I also want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving to the US. Thank you again Karma/Laura
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    To be fair its a simple mod to make, it is up to the game owner to balance how they want it
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    this will be free for everyone. it was made with the community in mind and the more people that have it will benefit the community more. Some updates. been optimising the core code and also chaging UI a bit. Added Ajax login with spinner to show login in progress Login panel spinner waiting for response for login Screen of user logged in (still WIP for the UI)
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    Yes crons are useful and have their place, i have them running on almost every server i maintain. But you have to look at the use case. If all you want to do is add 1 energy to an account every 60 seconds is a cron the best way to do it? Backing up my filesystem at 2am thats not something i want to do cronless ... I strongly advised against them in this scenario purely for ease of install and to help Sim out in the long run, the less support calls you have to answer the more development you can do and more money you make. Plus it gives the customer a better experience if they can just upload a zip file and everything is done. They don't have to chase the developer but because of time zones/weekends it takes 3/4 days to get it fixed.
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    Hi i am trying to add a small icon inside my svg radial progress bar..however simply adding in a img tag breaks the design. <svg height="50" width="50" class="progress blue noselect" data-progress="'.$brperc.'" viewbox="0 0 80 80"> <path class="track" d="M5,40a35,35 0 1,0 70,0a35,35 0 1,0 -70,0" /> <path class="fill" d="M5,40a35,35 0 1,0 70,0a35,35 0 1,0 -70,0" /> <text class="value" style="font-size:16px;" x="50%" y="55%">0%</text> </svg> var forEach = function (array, callback, scope) { for (var i = 0; i < array.length; i++) { callback.call(scope, i, array[i]); } }; window.onload = function(){ var max = -219.99078369140625; forEach(document.querySelectorAll('.progress'), function (index, value) { percent = value.getAttribute('data-progress'); value.querySelector('.fill').setAttribute('style', 'stroke-dashoffset: ' + ((100 - percent) / 100) * max); value.querySelector('.value').innerHTML = percent + '%'; }); } I want the end result like below..
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    hello yall, latly have been working on this mod when im free, it started simple each car have top speed, handling, acceleration, and one race track and thats it but i was thinking to my self wtf im doing if i go why not go all out so i started adding more car info Termac, Dirt, Braking, image, class (A, B, C, D, E), added more race track can be made from ACP (thanks to some old mcc mod 😄) its almost ready it need: ACP need to be updated Race calculation (calculate the winner ...) Challenges (not sure yet but maybe) Race track property Here some screenshots:
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    main thing with svg is img tag wont work you need to use the correct formatting so it would be <image xlink:href="URL HERE" width="WIDTH" height="HEIGHT"/> you can also use clip-path="url(ELEMENT)" if you want it to clip to an element. if used correctly then you get result like below
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    Version 2.2.5

    Features All the core Gangster Legends features plus: Gang Features Crimes Businesses Garage Actions Organized Crimes Workout* Scavenge* Investment Smuggle Stocks Auction House Monetization Buy points via PayPal Use Points Reset Timers Casinos Roulette Lottery Keno Russian Roulette* Other Features Hospital* Shoutbox* Suicide* Referral* Facebook Login* The individual cost of these modules would be over $150!


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    Was probably an auto correct, was suppose to say liking
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    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎅🎄🎁
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    what you expect these are 8 years old, if you are looking for module for Gangster Legends look in the module section for V2 and also you can make requests
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    yea that true for GL energy based gameplay but dont forget the core of the engine is timer based so most mods are coded for that in mind
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    Thank you for the list of issues I’ll review these in detail next week and push out the nesasary patches. im glad you are loosing the scripts 🙂
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    So over the past couple days ive decided to build a marketplace that connects with MWG and fetches data to the ACP of the engine, massive reason behind the development of this module was to bring more exposure to MWG and postentially more sales for developers that have published modules within MWG. Features: Login with MWG account Allows direct downlaod/install to the game from ACP. Searching/sorting of modules (in Progress) Module images currently working on for lightbox slideshow Also when finished will be released for free. Note: This does not work with a MWG API this is connected to MWG in a different way.
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    I created school system. It is in marketplace.
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    I have pushed an update to the premium to help make the base modules more unique compared to the generic GL core modules. These include the modules below: https://makewebgames.io/files/file/149-improved-travel/ https://makewebgames.io/files/file/148-improved-theft/ https://makewebgames.io/files/file/147-improved-garage/ https://makewebgames.io/files/file/146-improved-crimes/ To download them go to https://makewebgames.io/files/file/89-gangster-legends-v2-premium/and click on "Download This File"
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    I've not really had a look at the game itself, but if it's set in Italy, why is the background from I want to say Guangzhou, China? - Doesn't really make sense?
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    A donator package system with perks for donators
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    Oh your the guy spamming up the discords
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    This will be released this Friday along with some other changes to the GL Premium
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    Stop being argumentative and listen to what they said. Find the missing = in this line. <script src"https://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.js"></script>
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    Hello Guys! I need someone who can help script some themes for Gangster Legends. I will create some templates in Photoshop and share them in this thread. Currently i just made one in 4 "different styles", i will make some more. Message me if you want the templates PSD. The templates is set to free for all and NO COPYRIGHT, but if you choose to use it please share code 🙂 Hope you guys find it useful! Some old themes i created for years ago. Feel free to use them also 🙂
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    Created a bit "different" theme. The buildings can come in different colors ect ++ Created this theme to make the game feel more "live". Hope you guys enjoy 🙂 New theme comes here:
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    I strongly advise against using crons I even made a PHP class to replace them with when I’m up I’ll link it
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    Issue was fixed hours ago. I overlooked the errorlog file. Cron to update something once a hour.
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    Wow, that dude sounds like a dick head. I don't get why people have to steal other people's work. I mean hell if he wanted it, he could have paid for the price and so forth or learn how to code.. I'm slowly learning how to do things thanks to @ags_cs4 who has been awesome to me.. and I enjoy talking to him too, he's one of the most nicest guys on here.. other than magicalguy and dave and a few others i can list off my one hand maybe two LOL
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    That's The reason I stopped development of my racing mod. It could turn into a whole game itself.
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    Could be a smart thing to do for more sales 🙂
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    @cobraz thats what colors the client wanted whan i mad that theme, but planing to release some other colors when i finish what im working on
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    I can understand that this function can be cooler and cooler the more features you add. Good luck with the rest of development and sales 😄
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    Oh I shouldve checked, thanks
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    I have created Daily Contest module which is basically what you are asking for. You can check it out in MarketPlace. School system module already has been in the marketplace.
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    Version 1.0.0

    For this black Friday im releasing 5 modules at 40% OFF!!!! https://makewebgames.io/files/file/141-escrow/ https://makewebgames.io/files/file/142-help-desk/ https://makewebgames.io/files/file/143-bullet-heist/ https://makewebgames.io/files/file/144-life-insurance/ https://makewebgames.io/files/file/140-crack-the-safe/ Usually these would cost $50 to but separately but for black friday im selling them for $30! This offer ends next friday 4th December


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    Very true, it's been a while since I've used jQuery but prior .on allowed for event delegation, whereas .click does not - so often opted to use .on opposed .click. Appreciate it may not be necessary here depending on the way Sim is loading in the info, equally may no longer be the case in jQuery *shrugs*
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    *Very* minor thing here; you can shorthand your elem.on('click', function () {}); to elem.click(function () {});
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    The markup is incorrect add } before tr:nth-child(even) th { remove } before .stage-earth { remove the ; after all the .stage-*
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    I will. I'm interested in a partnership. What skills do you bring to the table?
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    What a show off, lol jk. Love the work brotha!
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    Very nice !!!!! Gratzz!!!
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    yes definitely is good for that. I took a quick go at making one of the layouts. got this so far
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    Standard HTML for ya here - wrap it in an img tag. Replace print $equip[$ir['equip_primary']]['itmpic']. " with echo "<img src='".$equip[$ir['equip_primary']]['itmpic']."' alt=''>
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    Version 1.0.2

    What is User Actions User Actions logs every action a player does within your game. These actions can then be shown on your game which I call "Game Wall" and "Player Wall". The "Game Wall" shows actions from every player while "Player Walls" show actions from only a individual player which can be found from a players profile. The ACP shows all game actions or you can search via player or player is. Features Individual Player Walls Game Wall Choose which actions to display Choose colors of each specific action Here's the options of what can is logged and be displayed When a player logs in When a player logs out When and how many bullets a player purchases When a player crushes are car and what car When a player sells a car and what car When a player repairs a car and what car When a player withdrawals money and how much When a player deposits money and how much When a player send money to another player and who it was sent to as well as how much was sent When a player successfully or fails committing a crime. What crime and the reward if any. When a player successfully steals a car or fails stealing a car and what car if any.. If a player successfully escapes or fails in the police in a chase and the reward. If a player fails or succeeds in escaping someone from jail and who. When a player travels and to where When a player drops a property and the location When a player transfers a property and to who When a player removed a bounty and who When a player hired a detective and on who and how much it cost In addition all the following have been conferring into links instead of text on the "Game Wall" and "Player Wall" aka the action log feeds. All usernames All places All crimes All police chase events All jail events trying to escape prisoner And to can choose how many actions to display. How To Install: Open up your game Go to the admin Panel Go to Modules & Themes Open the Module Manager Click on Install Module Upload the ZIP file Follow the instructions There are 3 bug fixes that need to be addressed to get this mod to work. The login, jail and bank modules that come with GL. I have included them in the purchase. The file is called fixes.zip Or you can manually fix the problems yourself in this thread: https://makewebgames.io/topic/27584-gangster-legends-hook-documentation/ To change which actions to would not like to display, colors, and how many actions. Yo will need to edit userActions.inc To change how many actions to display go to line 6: public $actionsToShow = 100; Replace the 100 work the # you prefer To change which actions to turn off or toggle back and fourth, starting at line 13 , you will see something like this. Replace the word true with "false", no " quotations. Next to the ones you wish to hide. public $modsToDisplay = array( "login" => true, "logout" => true, ECT, ECT, ECT To change the colors starting on line 33 yo will see something like this. Replace the words within the quotations with the color of your choice. #FFFFFF as well as reserved color font words next to the colors to wish to change. public $actionColors = array( "login" => "deepskyblue", "logout" => "midnightblue", "rank" => "ghostwhite", "bullets" => "aquamarine", If you have any problems setting the mod up too work properly or configuring it to your liking, message me. I know this mods works work the latest version of GL. I'm am not certain how many versions back this is compatible with, as long as HOOKS are implemented in your version of GL them this will work.


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    Oh yeah him, didn’t expect him to know how to rip a website css😭
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    Just brilliant. One of the best modules released in a long time!
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    Its a very well coded and deisgned!!!!! Must have module in your game !!!!
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    Great work! Awesome feature to have 🙂
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