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    I'm crazy cheap! Alright I'll bite. LK Alright this hosting is pretty good. Really fast and decent tech support. Same old Dave hosting. Worth it and more.
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    First time using GL for development but it is a solid engine and going to start addon development for this engine. My first addon i would like to create is a full api system for the engine so it can communicate with outside applications it would return json responses and be accessible by an api key generated in admin panel. Along with this im looking to build an android application using this api to show examples of use, i would be using Kotlin for this as it is better for compatibility for multi platform. ive started work on this addon but give me your thoughts, if you think this is a good idea or anything you would like to see be part of this api system. As an addition im looking to release this addon as cheap as possible (Maybe Free).
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    been along time didn't think the site still existed tbh i might still have the script laying around will release for free to the community
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    Version 1.0.0


    basic notepad were users can add notes to view at a later time. BBcode is enabled on this


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    You can have a look at the logic i used for the GLv2 workout module. $secondsBetweenGain = 60; $timer = "statRegen"; $last = $user->getTimer($timer); /* Get the users last action */ $seconds = (time() - $last); $energyPerMinute = 1; $times = floor($seconds / $secondsBetweenGain) * $energyPerMinute; /* calculate how energy you need to add */ if ($times) { $newEnergy = $times + $user->info->US_energy; $maxEnergy = $user->info->US_maxEnergy; if ($newEnergy > $maxEnergy) $newEnergy = $maxEnergy; $newWill = $times + $user->info->US_will; $maxWill = $user->info->US_maxWill; if ($newWill > $maxWill) $newWill = $maxWill; $user->set("US_energy", $newEnergy); $user->set("US_will", $newWill); $user->updateTimer($timer, $last + ($times * $secondsBetweenGain)); /* Set the last action time */ $page->addToTemplate("energy", $newEnergy); $page->addToTemplate("will", $newWill); } this code does not rely on crons
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    You're welcome to gravedig, but please don't be a dick about it ?
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    I have a heists module but it's for grog or Mccodes Each heist requires x amount of players and certain amount of power which each person in the heist contributes to based on stats I have a demo up on my test site
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    All works well, thanks for the module! 😎
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    aaannnndddd I'm done! Spent way longer on this so adjusted the price accordingly, it's still a steal at this price:
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    Great Mod I will be using it.
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    I've resolved an issue where the original author was unable to edit their marketplace entry. I've also now enabled the ability to view your marketplace files, along with their purchases and other information. You can also generate a purchase for another user if they've purchased your module from another system or you're gifting it to them as part of a give away. You can access this new feature via Marketplace > My Marketplace Files or via https://makewebgames.io/files/mypaidfiles/
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    That’s a lot of hellos! Hello back to you 🙂
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    You’ll need to pass these from your controller into your view. This’ll be when you call the render function in the inc.php file, the {var} are actually just variables as part of the template system. Im on a plane so can’t be more helpful but I’ll post some code when I can. So you’re basically wanting to pass your data to the template in these types of calls: $this->html .= $this->page->buildElement('theftHolder', array( "theft" => $theftArray ));
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    +1 for this idea! 😎
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    If it ain't broke, don't fix it 😄
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    I love that you offer 1min crons. Is they a limit to how many crons I can run at once?
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    Capitalise it. djlk34jlk -> DJLK34JLK
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    So who's dropping the next big game huh?
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    Version 1.0.1


    This module is based off of the McCodes gym feature, here users can train 1 of 4 stats (Strength, Agility, Guard or Labour). When training users use energy and will, these are replenished at a rate of 1 per minute. To do this McCodes used cronjobs as Gangster Legends is completely cronless this is not necessary. Every time the user levels up the maximum energy and will is increased by 2. How to Install Open up your game Go to the admin Panel Go to Modules & Themes Open the Module Manager Click on Install Module Upload the ZIP file Follow the instructions Estimated time to install 30 seconds This module works best with this theme


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    The past couple days I've been trying to make a start on an attacking system.. but keep hitting a dead end! I was wondering if any of the more experienced developers on here would be up for making a basic attack system, where users can either mug for money, attack for exp or hospitalise other users. basically an mccode/grpg type of system.
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    Hi @MNG. I have sent you a private message regarding this 🙂 It's a small extension, but also a low budget, but I am sure we will figure something out.
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    Awesome! Well I think it should include the use of bullets and obviously take stats into consideration as well as location. I think the option for attack should be on user profile.. but with that said an attack option in the kill menu would be fine. if it was on the kill menu, then maybe a user search page initially to find the player you want to attack. I don't think it should include the detective.. by this I mean any user can be attacked any time. I think some energy and will should be used in order to carry out the attack. If you fail the attack then your sent to hospital. finally, perhaps an option for new users to have bots they can attack.
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    Just few words.......Excellent Chat Module !!!!
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    Welcome to the thread!
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    Version 1.0.0

    This module allows users to group up into teams of 4 one plans the crime, they will need a weapons expert as well as someone with explosives and a get away driver. Once everyone is ready and in the same location the leader can commit the crime. The payout and chance of success all depends on the users equipment. Admin Options: Create different types of OCs Different cash/exp payouts Different cooldown timers Different planning costs Alter item names and costs


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    I've gone ahead and created an invoice for your original purchase. You'll be able to access the code under Store > Manage Purchases 🙂 Yup we're back and better than ever! New owner, new hosting, new domain (hopefully we'll get the old domain back at some point, but we shall see!)
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    Paw looks very nice! The teams feature is really cool. Too bad it's not Windows compatible though, since not all my co-workers use Macs. Thank you!
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    This was my plan as well, to have game platforms using this for its plugin library. However, please make sure there is also some versioning, so that the system can easily see when there is a new update of a module/plugin/theme and download it.
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    Yeah using oauth is the way to go, if we ever needed to change the API we would then break it for all games
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    I have used oauth before when working on a gov.uk api so I could use that code ? Inthink this would be an awesome addition to GL, coukd even have it as a seperate module outside of the core
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    Totally agree with Magic here!
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    Yes adam we know that from what i said. Didnt mean to put v2 it was meant to say v1 updated to PDO::, but i must say the only differance between the two is mysqli/PDO:: and not alot else if im honest..? Considering ive spent well over £200 putting this together and its got a brand new design, i would say its more than acceptable. Dave and MC both agree that £100 is under valued with what work has gone into it. Not to mention only 2 days ago did i spent £190 on the brand new full responsive. So i would say it is more than fair for what your getting. But you can say we agree to disagree,
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    There is quite the market for GL v2 modules at the moment, if you need ideas I can pass you some
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    This script is for MCCodes, I'll create a new version for GLv2 in the coming week and upload it and let you know ?
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    Someone else requested I convert my MCCodes v2 mod to GL the other day, so as there's clearly demand I'll gladly do so. Here's the original mod for MCCodes:
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    No I only want to involve the game development and get paid.
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    It would be great if someone can buy vip package where it will give them for a certain time 2x xp , 2x money and 2x stats gain in gym. Also it will add a gold Vip badge next to their names or just make their usernames gold
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    The download link is broken, maybe @Dave can fix it.
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    Thanks for sorting this out Dave, appreciate it!
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    Il be the first to purchase any gl v2 mods ??
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    https://themadcity.co.uk Hey guys! A couple months ago I decided to make a game after a 10 year break. ? I'm using the GL V2 script. Just looking for new players so thought id post on here! Happy Gaming ?️
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    Thanks pal, hope you enjoy following along! Thanks Veramis ?
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    I think i still have the project V3 on a spare HD i'll have too dig it out
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    @NonStopCoding please refrain from posting links to code offsite, I've updated your post with the code in a code block.
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