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About This File

This is a very small module, with no configurations at this moment - just made super fast - per user request.
However configurations and more options are planned, and feel free to send me your ideas.

So far this module does the following:

  • This allows a player to mug another player
  • If the player has more bullets than the player they mug, they will succeed (more game mechanics can come later)
  • Upon success, the player steals 30% of the money the other player is holding (which are not in bank).
  • The player mugged (or tried to mug) will get a notification of this
  • The players name will only be shown to the player mugged in 25% of the cases.

Please send feedback and ideas for this module, thank you.

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


The previous version had an issue with showing the wrong username on respond messages.

This has now been fixed.

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when i click install


There was an error!

File: /home2/mafiashot/public_html/modules/installed/moduleManager/moduleManager.admin.php
Line: 34
Error: file_get_contents(modules/installing/mug/module.json): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

but if you click again install its successful

and you cant find nowhere the mug link so probably the installer is corrupted ?


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Hi @Eurogangster.

I just tested from a fresh installation of Gangster Legends, and I cannot trigger this issue.
Anyhow I also do believe that it's an issue in the core, since the module.json file actually exists in this module, please ensure that all files are uploaded before installing the module and that Gangster Legends are up to date with the current version.

Tested with a clean version from: https://github.com/ChristopherDay/Gangster-Legends-V2

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There was an issue with the success/failure notifications showing the wrong username.
This has been fixed in v1.0.1.

Also, please send feedback and suggestions for improvements here or in a private message.

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17 hours ago, Shizzel026 said:

Nice module but it would be nice to add a cool down timer. Now you can mug someone limitless or you get caught by the police.

There should be a timer i coded it myself and sent it mark to upload so id assumed it was added.

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